Steinke lab

Ecological Genomics

Community dynamics and functional competence in a changing environment

what we do

We seek not only information on how biological communities are composed but also how individuals are interconnected and interdependent. The novelty in our approach is to seek this deep level of understanding by utilizing modern genomics approaches.

We use community surveys to audit biota across the entire tree of life. In addition to simply counting and registering we want to explore relationships between community members, better understand the functional competence of communities, and model responses to changes in the environment.

what's new?

Grad students

Congratulations to Chris Hempel

for winning of an Arthur Richmond Memorial Scholarship. Established in memory of the late Arthur Richmond (OAC ’23), horticulturist and teacher. Awards are given to ...
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Grad students

Earthworm diversity in French Guiana

Congratulations! Marie-Eugenie’s First Chapter has been published
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